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Are you having issues with your images not loading after upload?

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Have you uploaded an image and found that your image is not loading?

Here are some simple steps to check;

  1. Check you have uploaded an image file (examples: .jpg, .png, .heic).
    Sometimes when uploading an image, it is easy to accidentally upload a text file as a jpeg or find out you have relabelled a file to an image. To ensure your image is compatible with Autoenhance, try opening the file locally on your machine.

  2. Check your image has data / is not a corrupted file.
    Make sure you can open your image file locally to ensure that there is data in the image and it is not corrupted. Some file browsers will indicate if the image has little data if the file size is less than 100kb.

  3. Try logging out and back in again.
    If you are using the Autoenhance webapp (, updates can cause issues with cached data. It is best to log off and back in again and try again.

If none of these steps has helped you please create a ticket and our support team will investigate the issue with your images.

Click here to create a ticket.

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