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Using the Webapp for Photo Editing
Understanding the editing tools and features
Understanding the editing tools and features
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Our AI photo editing service offers a range of powerful tools and features designed to help you easily enhance your real estate images. This article will provide an overview of the available tools and their functions, helping you make the most of our service.

  1. Automatic Lens Correction:

    Lens distortion, such as a barrel or pincushion distortion, can occur in images due to the properties of camera lenses. Our automatic lens correction tool detects and corrects these distortions, resulting in images with straight lines and a natural appearance.

  2. Perspective Correction:

    Perspective issues, such as converging vertical or horizontal lines, can make architectural features distorted or misaligned. Our perspective correction tool automatically adjusts these lines, accurately representing the property's features.

  3. Image Enhancement:

    Our AI-powered image enhancement tool analyses and optimises various aspects of your photos, including brightness, contrast, and colour balance. The result is vibrant, eye-catching images that showcase your property in the best possible light.

  4. Sky Replacement:

    A dull or overcast sky can detract from the overall appeal of an exterior property shot. Our sky replacement tool utilises AI technology to seamlessly replace the existing sky in your image with a more visually appealing alternative, elevating the overall impact of the photo.

  5. Privacy Blur:

    To protect the privacy of individuals and comply with regulations, our privacy blur tool automatically detects and blurs identifiable features, such as faces and number plates, in your images.

To use these editing tools and features, select the appropriate option from the editing panel after choosing the type of image you're working with (single bracket, HDR, or 360). You can also apply multiple tools to a single image for a more comprehensive editing experience.

By familiarising yourself with our editing tools and features, you'll be better equipped to create stunning real estate images that capture the attention of potential buyers and renters. If you need any more help or have questions, please feel free to refer to our help centre articles or contact our customer support team.

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