Automatic lens correction
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Lens distortion can occur in images due to the inherent properties of camera lenses. Our AI photo editing service includes an automatic lens correction feature that detects and corrects these distortions, resulting in images with straight lines and a natural appearance. This article will explain lens distortion and provide an overview of our automatic lens correction tool.

  1. Understanding Lens Distortion:

    Two common types of lens distortion can affect your real estate images:

    • Barrel Distortion: This type of distortion causes straight lines to curve outwards, resembling the shape of a barrel. Barrel distortion is most common in wide-angle lenses, frequently used in real estate photography.

    • Pincushion Distortion: Pincushion distortion causes straight lines to curve inwards, resembling the shape of a pincushion. This distortion is often seen in telephoto lenses but can also occur in wide-angle lenses to a lesser extent.

    Both types of distortion can make architectural features appear unnatural and detract from the overall quality of your images.

  2. Using the Automatic Lens Correction Feature:

    Our automatic lens correction tool uses advanced AI algorithms to identify and correct lens distortion in your images. To use this feature:

    • Upload your image to our web app or send it via an API request.

    • The AI will analyse your image, detect any lens distortion, and apply the necessary corrections to straighten lines and achieve a more natural appearance.

Our automatic lens correction tool can significantly enhance the quality of your real estate images by correcting lens distortion and producing more accurate representations of the property's features. If you have any questions or need more help, please don't hesitate to refer to our help centre articles or contact our customer support team.

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