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Perspective distortion in real estate images can make architectural features appear skewed or misaligned. Our AI photo editing service offers a perspective correction tool that automatically adjusts these distortions, ensuring your property's features are accurately represented. This article will explain perspective distortion and provide an overview of our perspective correction feature.

  1. Understanding Perspective Distortion:

    Perspective distortion occurs when the camera's sensor plane is not parallel to the subject, causing converging or diverging lines in the image. This is most commonly seen in real estate photography when the camera is tilted up or down to capture the full height of a building, resulting in converging vertical lines. Horizontal lines can also be affected, especially when using wide-angle lenses.

    Distorted perspectives can make your property images appear unprofessional and may detract from the overall visual appeal.

  2. Using the Perspective Correction Feature:

    Our perspective correction tool uses advanced AI algorithms to analyse your images and automatically adjust the converging or diverging lines, ensuring a more accurate representation of the property's features. To use this feature:

    • Upload your image to our web app or send it via an API request.

    • The AI will analyse your image, detect any perspective distortion, and apply the necessary corrections to straighten lines and achieve a more natural appearance.

Using our perspective correction tool, you can significantly enhance the quality of your real estate images, producing a more professional and visually appealing representation of your property. If you have any questions or need more help, please don't hesitate to refer to our help centre articles or contact our customer support team.

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